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Pension Lawyer Jobs

Pensions Lawyer Jobs

There is a consistent demand for Solicitors with pension expertise although surprisingly you will not see a huge array of pension jobs being advertised on firm’s websites. There is good reason for this and this is that practices know that there is a very limited supply of Pension Lawyers and therefore their first reaction to need a further Pensions Solicitor is not necessarily to recruit in the traditional way. They alternatively tend to assume there will be no one available and set to source their talent in different ways, often by looking internally. Here they look to draw on resource from other offices or alternatively to retain a promising Newly Qualified Solicitor. Neither are the optimum way of recruiting and every department head is aware of this problem.

This is is where we can assist. Our role is not so much to fill pension jobs but to be aware of the ambitions and needs of the Pensions Departments. The vast majority of placements we make in the pensions field are as a result of matching department’s needs with the people who have decided that the time is right for them to make a career move.

We understand the pension market and who is expanding, we find out who would value more resource and if this would provide a genuine career opportunity; then we introduce the person to the opportunity.

It is an area of law that requires a consultative, knowledgeable approach and one we excel in. If you are Pensions Lawyer in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle or Nottingham and you are considering your options then get in contact with us. We can help you make sense of the market and identify the best options for you.

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