Consultant Details

Abbie Clifford


Who am I and what can I do for you?

I’m a consultant in the Litigation & Real Estate team, predominantly focussing on recruitment for qualified Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence, and non-qualified Commercial Property & Civil/Commercial Litigation. 

What team are you part of, and what is the best thing about your team?

Litigation & Real Estate – a kind and genuine group of people that I can be my true self around! 

5 words that describe me?

Organised, motivated, theatrical, kind, mature.

A memorable event, day or memory at Sacco Mann?

The night at Carlton towers was pretty spectacular! 

What else should you know about me?

I play Frida in an ABBA tribute band!

  • If you weren’t in this career, what else would you do and why? I’d be on stage in West End because I am a musical nerd through and through
  • What is always in your fridge or cupboard? Franks buffalo sauce – couldn’t live without it