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Sacco Mann: The leading specialist Legal and IP Recruitment Consultancy. 

For over twenty five years we have provided a comprehensive, highly effective and quality led service for all levels of Legal and Patent and Trade Mark Recruitment.   

Firmly established in the North and operating across the country, Sacco Mann have a particular Patent & Trade Mark focus in London. Proud to have some of the best recruiters in the market, strong connections with every firm of note and an extensive understanding of the market and the opportunities it offers. Available to assist you steer your career or secure the right talent.

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Getting it right for approaching 2.5 decades. Knowing your Clients and Candidates is vital. At Sacco Mann we have known many since they we got them their first NQ position.

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Not just one of the largest Legal Recruiters but we are also proud to have the best Recuiters working with us.

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Available to assist you steer your career or secure the right talent.

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That’s why Sacco Mann has gained a reputation to be proud of when helping Candidates.

As the nation’s capital, it is no surprise that London is still seen as the commercial capital of the UK, and therefore the legal “hub” of the UK. Most of the UK’s top law firms have offices here and although with increasingly sophisticated communication, the world gets smaller and location arguably matters less, London remains the “go to” city for many as they start out on, and continue their legal careers.

London also boasts particular strength in specialist areas: Intellectual Property Law, Media Law, Financial Services are all examples of areas where the teams of Solicitors are more sizeable in the London office as opposed to the regions. At least 50% of our Patent and Trade Mark Division’s work is London based, with many Clients having regional offices to maximise their chances of attracting the best talent, both those looking to be based there, as well as those who are keen to retain the quality of “City work” whilst wanting to relocate out to the regions for personal reasons.

Whilst for Solicitors, there still seems to be a significant “London weighting” to salaries, there is far less of a difference for Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys and IP professionals. Although firms increasingly face the challenge of offering competitive and realistic salaries both to attract and retain the best talent in the City, the buoyancy of the IP market allows them to do that, meaning that London is still very much seen as the IP hub of the UK, and in some cases, Europe.

As one of the most multi-cultural centres within Europe, as well as one of the most well-connected, London has much to offer as a place both to work and to live. The West End often offers the chance to see live performances before they go anywhere else, the shopping and nightlife are second to none in the UK, and there is a buzz about the City as well as a diversity that is difficult to replicate on the same scale in any of the regions.

London is a core area for Sacco Mann’s business, particularly our specialist Patent and Trade Mark Division, and we work every day with Solicitors, Patent Attorneys, Trade Mark Attorneys and Support professionals to advise them on the best career moves for them on a bespoke basis.

To learn more about the opportunities and the Clients we are currently working with, please have a look at some of the examples below. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss what’s most important to you, what you’re looking for from your career (as well as what you’re not) and we will advise you on your options, tailored specifically to you.

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