When it comes to your career, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than excellence.

The In-House market is particularly niche and more importantly, due to its nature, relationship driven.

This has been the key to our success in the In-House sector. Our focus is not simply about making placements, but about building relationships based on trust and understanding over time.

Our specialist In-House Division has been sharing & gaining expertise and knowledge for over 20 years. 

Our Consultants, some of the best in the industry, focus on delivering a highly effective, relationship driven service. We do not just get to know a business but live, breathe and fully immerse ourselves in it to deliver the highest quality service for both our Clients and Candidates.  

The combination of knowledge, expertise and personal service has been a potent blend that has resulted in countless successful moves for our Candidates, engagements for our Clients and success for us. 

  • We have an incredible network of Clients working with us, ranging from global blue chip businesses to SMEs and start-ups, focusing on Yorkshire, the North West, the North East and Midlands. 
  • Often In-House roles are stand-alone roles within the business, and we recognise that personality and fit is as important as skill set for every role. Understanding our Clients and Candidates is absolutely paramount to us. 
  • Over two decades experience placing In-House lawyers, Company Secretaries and Compliance Professionals makes us one of the most respected In-House Divisions in the Legal Recruitment sector.
  • Our experienced Consultants are able to guide and advise you, whether this is your first move into the in-house market or securing a Senior General Counsel role.
  • Frequently and consistently instructed on opportunities on an exclusive basis, giving you access to roles not available elsewhere.
  • We work closely with law firms to host seminars and developmental events throughout the year.
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What can we offer?

An utterly bespoke, individual service from an experienced Consultant with detailed market knowledge.

The quality of our connections and the influence we have with them allows us to ‘carve out’ suitable opportunities. So many processes fail through a lack of knowledge of ‘common goals’.

At partner level the feedback we get is that our advice is so important. Getting a move ‘right’ is vital. We have the context and understanding of the market to assist your decision.

Success breeds success. We know our Clients extremely well; they value our involvement and welcome and respect our input. This allows us to ‘properly’ introduce you to them.

The minutiae are important, we understand this and it is why we have a detail orientated approach focussing on; Client support, effective systems, personal autonomy, working practices, flexibility, work/life balance and more.   

Confidentiality & Trust. It goes without saying and is proven in the number of Candidates whom have worked solely with us throughout their entire careers.

We are Sacco Mann

We’re not in the business of finding jobs. We focus on building careers. We don’t just find the next step, we find your next step.

We are not in the business of finding jobs. We focus on building careers. We don't just find the next step, we find your next step

Why choose Sacco Mann

For us, the recruitment process is relatively simple; we do it every day. For you, it is a very different story and we never underestimate that.


Dedicated to helping you

There’s nothing that should stand in the way of your career or your ambitions. We guide you not only through our tailor-made and well tested recruitment process, but also beyond it.


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