Consultant Details

Gemma Beattie


Who am I and what can I do for you?

 A Director of the business based in Manchester, I am responsible for the management of our specialist Litigation and Real Estate Team and our West Midlands team. Having joined Sacco Mann over 15 years ago, I personally managed a Locum desk working with clients nationwide; now I have moved away from fee earning and focus on management across the Manchester office. I am also responsible for our internal recruitment and a multitude of other projects! 

What team are you part of, and what is the best thing about your team?

I am extremely lucky to be part of not 1, but 3 teams at Sacco Mann. I work within Litigation & Real Estate, West Midlands and our Core Central Support team. The best thing about all my teams are the people. Here at Sacco Mann, we work very closely and many of us have been here for a number of years and know each other very well (too well!). But this means that collectively, we know how to make each other laugh in times of stress, celebrate together and support each other whenever and wherever necessary.

5 words that describe me?

Enthusiastic, compassionate, loud, conscientious and loyal

A memorable event, day or memory at Sacco Mann? 

 Genuinely too many to even begin to mention. 

What else should you know about me?

I am in a pop choir which I love and unashamedly promote. 

  • Favourite book? My favourite book is ‘This Little Life’ by Hanya Yanagihara, I was lucky enough to see the stage production in London with James Norton, which was mind-blowing. If you want a book that will change your view on the world and human relationships, throw yourself into this emotional rollercoaster!