Consultant Details

Steve Shakespeare

Principal Consultant

Who am I and what can I do for you?

I head up the Industry Division and have worked for Sacco Mann since 2000. During this time, I’ve assisted countless candidates and clients and witnessed a number of changes in market trends that I’ve had to react to. Everyone has a different story and I’m a good listener! I’ve now been collectively working in recruitment for over 25 years and can honestly say there has never been a more interesting time. I’m a massive music fan and with specialist subject being the 1980’s and enjoy most sports and keeping fit – though tend be more of a spectator these days! 

5 words that describe me?

Positive, loyal, discreet, communicative and understanding

What else should you know about me?

I've moved jobs only twice in my professional career and think I am therefore a little more appreciative of the significance of talking to recruiters, changing jobs, handing in your notice and going through the process etc. Changing jobs is never likely to be without any risk or apprehension. I will do my best to help you obtain the information you need to be able to analyse whether a role is right for you.

  • Likes: Long haul holidays and exotic destinations, parenthood
  • Dislikes: Rudeness, soap operas
  • Favourite book? I am Pilgrim – Terry Hayes
  • Favourite animal? Ally – My crackpot Working Cocker Spaniel
  • Favourite song? Anything early-mid 80s
  • Favourite holiday destination? Split between Tuscany or anywhere in Thailand?
  • What is always in your fridge or cupboard? “Lions” Midget Gems which have to be kept in the fridge 
  • What is your astrological sign? Scorpio
  • What is your favourite quote? “Never pack a bag you can’t carry”  A metaphor for life!
  • Hobbies: Fitness, Wellbeing, Music, Golf, Football, Guitar.