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Environmental Law

Environmental Lawyers advise corporate clients on both contentious and non-contentious matters often with a view to damage limitation but also to take pre-emptive measures, they also defend them from prosecution. This is not a back office role, there is lot of client contact and the opportunity for site visits – some of which aren’t too glamorous - workload that can span health and safety matters, corporate transactions and regulatory advice all in one day.  As research is advancing by the day legislation is always changing in this field meaning that you really do need to ensure that you are up to date.

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As a consequence of working with larger clients most Environmental Lawyers within practice find themselves working at the larger firms and help them navigate a complex regulatory framework that is very much in the public eye now   Another option for those who choose to specialise in Environmental law is to join the public sector and work for the likes of the Environment Agency, a local authority or another government department such as the Department for Environment.

Environmental law frequently overlaps with other disciplines such as property, criminal law, corporate and EU law and requires a diverse skills range.  As environmental issues can be deal breakers, especially in the modern era of corporate social responsibility really bringing this interesting area of law to the fore.


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