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There are a variety of opportunities available on the personal injury market at present and as a result we are seeing movement across the regions. Whether you are a qualified Solicitor seeking managerial opportunities or a Chartered Legal Executive or Paralegal seeking more complex work, this is a great time to utilise your experience in a firm that has capitalised on the most recent changes by adjusting their internal Personal Injury Departments to reflect the modern day legal market.

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Whilst it took a while for things to settle, there is now increasing stability and visible growth in the personal injury market. Many of the personal injury firms that are expanding have adopted new vetting teams to ensure that the quality of the work dealt with is not compromised, and have adapted their internal structure to provide a cost effective but good quality legal service. As a result there are numerous well regarded personal injury specialists that have a continuous work flow and they have expanded their RTA and EL PL teams, particularly on the litigation side. This in turn has created more opportunities with the national firms, who most often represent the insurer clients on the defendant side in response to the thousands of claims made daily. Whether you are looking to join a national law firm or a smaller general practice, there are numerous opportunities for you to explore.

Paralegals looking for their first time role can often find an entry level position in personal injury as the volume of work leads to a constant demand for people to train in this discipline. Paralegals with upwards of 6 months experience can build on their knowledge by moving to firms that can offer them progression by way of gaining litigation experience, or even expanding their caseload beyond their current remit. RTA paralegals for example can look at firms that are smaller for a mixed caseload to include Employers or public liability matters or even to the national firms to gain experience on the defendant side. Graduates or Chartered Legal Executives can find themselves joining firms to assist on more complex work in busy departments as support for the team, or even working in more niche serious injury departments alongside senior Lawyers and in some instances Catastrophic Injury or Insurance Partners.

For more experienced Chartered Legal Executives or Lawyers we are seeing, with the formation of new teams across the region, opportunities to utilise experience in training positions, or managerial roles. More excitingly as we have seen a rise in the demand for strong litigators, there are opportunities for Personal Injury Solicitors and Chartered Legal Executives to get involved in more complex work, be that to focus on multi track work or specialise in catastrophic injury or even move into more niche areas such as Travel Litigation.

Personal injury experience can be so diverse, that there are many avenues to take to get to where you want to be. Whether that is to progress in your current discipline or retrain into another area of personal injury such as Industrial Disease, the market demand for people with strong personal injury experience is such that there are options out there. We are perfectly placed to bring these opportunities to your attention, so get in touch with us today to discuss how we can assist you.

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