Things To Think Of On Qualification

In the last year it has been well documented that there has been an upturn in the economic climate generally. This has been equally reflected in the legal market and some demonstrable examples have included the marked increase in demand for Solicitors and fee earners in Commercial and Residential Property, Corporate and other disciplines such as Commercial and Construction. Equally, we have been instructed on an increasing number of Newly Qualified Solicitor vacancies in the market which has been pleasing to see.

We have also seen a demand for NQ Solicitors in some disciplines extend beyond the traditional September qualifying time which has led to opportunities being secured by trainees earlier in the year or even later, post qualification.

Our advice to any trainees approaching qualification or indeed those who may have recently qualified but have yet to secure a role, is to consider a multitude of factors before determining which area of law you would like to qualify into. Equally, since the demand has increased it is still (on the whole) nowhere near ‘supply’ and therefore most vacancies will be highly competitive and often oversubscribed as a result. Accordingly, despite the upturn in the market generally it is certainly worth having a ‘plan B’ option also.

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