Legal Salary Survey

Legal Salary Survey

This year’s Salary Survey (2021/2022) has been one of the most challenging that we have compiled. Salaries are incredible competitive, and many firms are not being particularly forthcoming about their bandings.
We have noticed, particularly within the commercial firms where there have been significant increases in the NQ salaries, that there is ‘salary compression’, the differentials between NQ’s and other Lawyers seems to have narrowed on a lot of occasions. We are speaking to more experienced Lawyers who are feeling a little short-changed as these differential narrow and it will be interesting to see if this rectifies itself. It’s hard to see how this can be done this year without firms reviewing the salary increase that they have already awarded, a significant challenge for many.
Another major change this year has been the attitude to home and flexible working, driven by the pandemic. With many firms achieving very successful results in their last financial year there is certainly evidence that this can work really effectively, it will be interesting to observe how this plays out when more people are back in the office. Everyone homeworking creates a very different environment to hybrid working and we are constantly speaking with firms who are working hard to navigate this. 
Do feel free to contact us if you want to discuss any of the information within this survey, we are always happy to talk about our observations on the market. 
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