The Continued Rise Of Inprotech

The Continued Rise Of Inprotech

Inprotech is a web based IP Management platform specifically designed for law firms with specialist IP departments and was initially introduced in 2002 by CPA Global the world’s largest providers of services to the Legal profession. The Inprotech system was designed to offer a comprehensive practice management package which would therefore reduce manual activity and form filling for Attorneys and their clients.

The products success enables firms increased access to IP portfolios which ensures a more productive and elaborate IT system internally and enabling a more streamlined service to clients. The advantages of the system allow clients access to their portfolios enabling them to retrieve reports, review status and pass instructions to Attorneys in a fast efficient manner. The system can also be configured to suit the IP Practice requiring implementation which saves on the expense of additional technology platforms.   
Inprotech continues in its development to be the IP database of choice and Inprotech 7.0 is the latest version to be launched from CPA Global. This leading IP management system is used in over 130 law firms globally and will enable users to manipulate data more efficiently than previously. Due to firms having to react in more efficient manner to keep up with the competition, Inprotech 7.0 allows its users to manage IP portfolios and the administration remotely from other offices or when travelling. This version was released after gaining constructive feedback on previous successful releases of the system allowing it to evolve and remain the IP software of choice. 

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