Changing Jobs - How Soon is Too Soon?

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"I took a role new role during the pandemic when the market was quieter, I’ve not been here ...

"I took a role new role during the pandemic when the market was quieter, I’ve not been here long but I know it’s not for me. I want to move whilst the market is so busy now, but will employers look at a short-term role unfavourably?"
This is a question I hear multiple times a day at the moment. It’s an understandable concern from candidates in this situation as there can be a real stigma around someone moving on from a role after a short period however, I wanted to debunk a few concerns.
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Amy has been a fantastic support throughout my job search and has provided a brilliant service. I will definitely be recommending Amy to my contacts. 
  • Firstly, you’re not alone! The pandemic affected so many people’s working life in a myriad of ways whether that be via redundancy, instability, lack of flexibility or a promotion that never came to light.
With so many of these factors happening at the same time, many people chose, or had to, find a new role in the last 18 months during a time when there may not have been as many roles available or without the context of what the new world of work life could look like.
We’re seeing many candidates looking to make a long-term move as they now have the benefit of choice and clarity of thought that just wasn’t possible during the midst of a global pandemic.
  • Secondly, be clear with your recruiter about the specifics of what is making you want to move. We want to sell you to our clients in the best way we can, and information is the best way for us to do that. A short-term move on a CV is not a problem as long as we can give accurate and clear information to the client to alleviate any potential concern. We’re your cheerleaders! 
Not only that, but it also allows us to make sure the roles you’re looking at now, are tailored to what is most important to you.
  • Finally, the thought of – “I should just stick this out for another ‘X’ months, so I’ve been here for 12 months for my CV” isn’t always the best thing to do, particularly in this market. It’s important to not make a rash decision however, if you know in your heart, you’re not happy in your role, speak to your recruiter as earlier as possible to put a plan in place. The market is unbelievably busy so it might be best to strike whilst the irons hot or it may be best to let the land lie dependant on your circumstance.
We aren’t just here when you want to move jobs – we can help throughout your career to give advice or context to ensure you make the right decisions for where you want your career to be.
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