How to Make Yourself Stand Out in Meetings

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Whether you find work meetings engaging or unbearable, it may be in your best interest to make sure you stand out in the conference room. This often-overlooked tip can benefit your career in so many ways; you can’t afford to skip it.

Why Would I want to Stand Out?

Maybe you’re new to the team and don’t want to come across as pushy. Maybe this is your first postgraduate job and you aren’t sure how to interact with your new colleagues. Or, maybe you are an introvert and the idea of standing out terrifies you.
While standing out may seem uncomfortable at first, it’s one thing that can help you excel at your job and even pave the way for future jobs, enhancing your career. And by standing out, we don’t mean in a bad way. We mean in a way that helps you build a positive reputation for your career.
Prove your Worth
Standing out in meetings is one way to prove your worth. As you contribute ideas, results and solutions, your value will become more apparent. Don’t brag and don’t step on others’ toes, but don’t be afraid to make sure your boss knows what you contribute to the team.
Job Security
As your manager recognises how valuable you are to the company, you’ll gain some job security. They will see how well you work with others and how your contributions are hard to replace, which means They will want you on their team on a long-term basis.
Gain Traction
We all have career goals. Whether you are working for a promotion, want to ask for a pay rise or are simply trying to take on more responsibilities at work to build your reputation, standing out can help. As it becomes apparent how efficient you are and what you can accomplish, you’ll have the traction you need to meet your career goals.
Standing out in meetings, when done professionally, can bring both long-term and short-term career perks.

What can I do to Stand Out?

So, how do you stand out professionally? It involves walking a fine line between confidently voicing your opinion and staying quiet during meetings.
Prepare in Advance
Preparation is key. Before any kind of meeting, make sure you know what its objectives are and, if possible, what the agenda will be. This is absolutely essential if you are expected to play a major role in the meeting.
To prepare, make notes about progress you’ve made on projects, solutions you have effectively used and questions or thoughts for the rest of the team. Details are important, so never show up to a meeting without a few notes to help you be as specific as possible.
You also need to be prepared to answer questions, so brainstorm things you may be asked and note how you will respond.
Have Concrete Examples
Part of your preparation should include preparing concrete examples of your work, solutions you’ve implemented or even issues you would like feedback on. If possible, bring visuals to help you get your point across.
If you are running the meeting, use a slide deck or whiteboard with bullets and charts. If you are a participant, bring some printouts or pull up some documents on your laptop to share with your colleagues.
Volunteer to Participate
When the person running the meeting asks questions, requests feedback, or needs someone to take on a task, be ready to volunteer. When you are willing to contribute to the meeting, so it runs smoothly, you’ll stand out. Volunteering to help with projects also makes you stand out as an employee who is ready to work, be a team player and do what it takes to be successful.
Know your Audience
When you prepare for the meeting, find out who will be conducting it and who else will be there. This is important for deciding how you will communicate and what you can do to effectively stand out.
For example, if your manager is there and they are a numbers person, you know you should come prepared with statistics to show your progress. On the other hand, if you are having a casual team meeting you may be more effective with some visual aids that outline next steps.
Standing out in meetings can help you enhance your career and even be a better employee. Not only will these tips help you stand out, but they will also help you impress your manager. You’ll portray yourself as a professional who knows how to communicate and approach issues to find a solution, which makes you a more valuable employee.
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