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Within the Law and the changes we have seen across for the UK over the past few years, there...

Within the Law and the changes we have seen across for the UK over the past few years, there are always spikes and dips in certain disciplines. Last year the legal recruitment sector saw an extreme and unique time in recruitment and general busyness across the market. This year has seen a shift back to what we would describe as “normal” recruitment with some disciplines remaining busy and some becoming quieter than we would have expected.
One area of Law that has remained stable over the past 12 months is Regulatory Law and actually within the past quarter, we have noticed law firms having an increasing need for Regulatory Solicitors from the NQ level right up to Senior Associate & Legal Director.
What is Regulatory Law?
Regulatory Law refers to any legal requirements from the authorities in relation to your business or organisation and can be related to regulations within health and safety, healthcare, fire, food safety, transport and environmental matters.

What do Regulatory Solicitors do?

Regulatory Solicitors support medium to large scale businesses and organisations to prevent regulatory breaches within their industry sector. They will usually put together procedures to help ensure compliance with trading standards or health and safety laws for example. These are usually proactive measures that businesses can put in place to make sure they are compliant with regulations, where a breach has not happened, and the business doesn’t want a breach to happen.

Solicitors can also help where businesses find themselves in breach of a regulation or are subject to an investigation by the relevant authority. They can provide specialist advice and representation.

Sometimes when a regulatory breach is so big, this will become an inquest, a super inquest or go to judicial review. This is the point where some of the largest law firms will get instructed to advise on an ongoing court matter related to the inquest alongside counsel. These inquests can last years and can have been known to result in changes to the law completely, to prevent similar future situations.

Usually solicitors will specialise in a specific area within regulatory law, so if they are instructed to work on a fairly large inquest or super inquest, this is when more hands on deck will be needed. As we have seen a significant increase in junior resource needed to support our largest clients across Manchester & the North West recently, we surmise that our clients are the ones who are advising on these large inquests within (for example) the construction, mining, waste management sectors where there have been significant regulatory breaches.

We are finding that this is a developing area of Law with many of our clients who specialise in the above sectors requiring more solicitors into their teams to advise on Regulatory matters and breaches. If you are a Regulatory Solicitor looking for a new challenge or would like to get stuck into a meaty inquest in an interesting area of Law, get in touch today to find out about the types of roles and firms that we are working for.

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