Relaunch: Sacco Mann takes over the North East!


As we proudly celebrate our 27th year in service, Sacco Mann is thrilled to announce an exciting relaunch in the North East legal recruitment market! Having established ourselves as a trusted legal recruitment agency over nearly three decades, we are eager to reignite our presence and extend our unwavering commitment to connecting exceptional talent with exceptional opportunities across Newcastle and the North East.

Acknowledging the evolving legal landscape in the North East, we are excited to introduce our dedicated team of experts who will be leading our efforts in the region.  Sacco Mann is pleased to have the expertise of Director Helen Mauborgne, with an impressive 27 years of legal recruitment experience, and Senior Consultant Chloe Smith, contributing an additional 7 years to our collective wealth of knowledge.  Together, the combined 34 years of experience will ensure that Sacco Mann remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional service forging lasting connections in the North East legal market.

Your new North East consultants

Meet Helen Mauborgne, a driving force behind Sacco Manns unparalleled success in legal recruitment.  Helen joined Sacco Mann in 2010 after spending 13 years’ with another agency, she was promoted to Director in 2019.  Her experience has historically covered Yorkshire and the North East, and more recently she has concentrated her efforts largely in Yorkshire.  Now, with a renewed focus on the North East market, Helen is set to bring her wealth of experience to recruit professionals at all levels.   Helen will specialise in the recruitment of Solicitors, Senior Hires, Chartered Legal Executives and paralegals across a diverse range of areas to include residential and commercial property, construction, employment, private client, contested probate, commercial and corporate.

Now introducing Chloe Smith, a seasoned professional with a diverse background that uniquely enriches our legal recruitment team at Sacco Mann.   Chloe commenced her career as a paralegal, dedicating five years to honing her skills in property litigation and dispute resolution.  In 2015, she transitioned into the world of legal recruitment, contributing her talents to another legal recruitment agency before joining Sacco Mann in 2021 and later being promoted to Senior Consultant in 2022.  Her focus to date has largely been directed towards the Yorkshire legal recruitment market, but now extends her expertise to the North East market alongside Helen.  Chloe will be responsible for recruiting Solicitors, Senior Hires, Chartered Legal Executives and paralegals across various domains including personal injury, commercial and civil litigation, insolvency and family law.  

What makes us stand out?

We are proud to be a leading legal recruitment and IP recruitment consultancy business.  Because we specialise in legal and IP, it means we do it exceptionally well.  Based in the North East, Yorkshire, the North West, London and the Midlands, we’ve got the UK covered.  

Our consultants excel as specialists in carefully chosen geographical areas, making them true experts in their markets.  With a focus on building strong, personal connections, our consultants have a real presence in the regions they serve, meeting clients and candidates regularly in person, attending social and networking events, and hosting our much loved HR forums.  This localised approach keeps us closely connected to the legal community and ahead of market changes and developments.  

In addition to this, we have an internal core support team that deal with our advertising and social media platforms, ensuring that our adverts are reaching the right target audience.  Our core support team are trained in enhanced advertising methods, regularly attending training sessions with google and working closely with our preferred job board partners and website builders to ensure we’re getting the most from our advertising.

Our commitment to specialisation, consistent client engagement, and targeted advertising sets us apart as the go to experts in legal recruitment.

Presence in the North East

Both Helen and Chloe operate from Sacco Manns Leeds office, but are strategically planning to establish a physical presence in the North East on a monthly basis.  We aim to bring back regular HR forums, bringing together HR professionals to share knowledge, insights and best practices related to workforce management, employee relations and organisational development within the legal sector.  

In addition to our HR forums, Helen and Chloe are committed to nurturing and strengthening our relationships with our loyal clients and candidates through regular face to face meetings.  Having a monthly presence in the North East will allow the team to remain on top of ongoing recruitment needs and challenges within the region.

Our proactive approach to client engagement underscores our dedication to delivering not just a service, but a partnership that evolves alongside the dynamic landscape of their businesses.  


We’re thrilled to spotlight some of the recommendations received for Helen and Chloe from both clients and candidates.  

A client of Helens said: I have had the pleasure of working  with Helen for over  20 years during which time I have found her to be very open, honest, professional, approachable and friendly which I believe is very important when building a working relationship. Helen takes time to understand the firm and the firms culture as well as the specific role and to find suitable candidates rather than sending anyone looking for job!  Helen has placed many staff with me over the years and I can honestly say that they have all been without exception the right fit for the right role. When I am looking for new staff.   Helen is the first person I call”.

A client of Chloes said: “Chloe helps sell the firm.  The candidates come in with good expectations that we are a good employer. I think Chloe helps communicate what I am trying to communicate to the candidates.”

A candidate of Helens said: “I signed up with Sacco Mann who I knew had a great reputation in the legal recruitment market.  I dealt with Helen who was absolutely amazing.  She helped me find a brilliant, bespoke position which I am very much looking forward to starting.  I cannot thank her enough for her communication and understanding throughout this stressful process which she made easier for me.  I am very grateful.  Thank you Helen you are a credit to Sacco Mann

A candidate of Chloes said: “I’ve had a brilliant experience working with Chloe and would highly recommend her to help with your job search. Chloe’s attention to detail in our initial conversations meant that the roles presented to me were relevant to my skill set whilst also aligning with my future career interests and goals. I felt supported and well informed throughout the entire recruitment process; which allowed me to perform my very best in the interview and assessment stages. A huge thank you to Chloe for all her amazing work!”

We’re forever grateful to our clients who trust us to source the right talent for them, and to our candidates who come back to us time and time again when in search for a new role.  We’re also grateful for our North East clients, who are endlessly supportive of our relaunch in the region, we’re sure there will be many more testimonials coming for Helen and Chloe in the months and years to come!


In conclusion, we invite you to join us in celebrating the anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding Helen and Chloes exciting new venture in the North East.  Our blog encapsulated the vision, dedication, and positive impact they aim to bring to the region.  As they embark on this new chapter, the promise of innovation, client-focused service, and an elevated recruitment experience is clear.

If you’re an employer on the lookout for new talent or, a candidate looking to make your next move, reach out to the team to see how they can help.

Helen Mauborgne • 0113 4679786 •

Chloe Smith • 0113 467 9783 •