The Advantages of the CIPA and ITMA Administration Certificates!

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Due to a gradual increase in both IP Private Practice and in-house companies combining their...

Due to a gradual increase in both IP Private Practice and in-house companies combining their IP Secretary and Formalities function Sacco Mann’s IP Division has seen more of a demand from clients who are seeking Patent and Trade Mark Formalities applicants who are able to show expertise, knowledge and understanding in all aspects of Patent and Trade Mark Administration. Many clients are now putting more importance on seeking those applicants with either Certificate as their preferred choice.  

There is a definite advantage in having either the CIPA or ITMA Administrators Certificate on your CV it will enhance your marketability in the industry, increases your opportunities for employment and is an attractive prospect to future employers. It provides employers with the official recognition that you are a Patent and Trade Mark Formalities Administrator who can demonstrate a higher degree of proficiency and competency in IP support as well as showing that you have a continued commitment to the profession by passing a recognised qualification  

Having either the Patent or Trade Mark Administrators certificate will boost your confidence as you gain added credibility with colleagues in a professional capacity and with clients. The Qualification will certainly have an impact on the salary as CIPA or ITMA Certified Administrators are able to add approximately £4000 to their salary.

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