The Lawyer's Top 200 UK Law Firms Revealed

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Last week The Lawyer revealed its ‘Top 200 UK Law Firms’. The results of this repo...

Last week The Lawyer revealed its ‘Top 200 UK Law Firms’. The results of this report show that the law firms who qualified in the top 200 this year generated a total revenue of £25.68bn, a rise of almost 10 percent on 2016/17’s Top 200. Also noted is that the total number of fee-earners, qualified lawyers, partners and business services staff all rose by around 5 per cent. The report explains some of these changes, and also the placement of 8 new firms on the spectrum, by suggesting that these results highlight the increasing influence of US firms and New Law providers on the UK market.
Also noted in the report is that the Top 100 UK Law Firms billed a record £24.1bn in 2017/18, which is the largest revenue ever achieved by the group and a rise of almost 10 per cent on 2016/17.This report, being the largest and most detailed of its kind is essential for firms to help them illuminate the market trends and highlight the new competition that the UK law firms are now facing in this legal year.
 From our point of view, we are proud to say that we have seen many of our clients appear in this year’s The Lawyer’s Top 200 UK Law firms, some even placing in the top 10. This not only means that we are working with some of the most prestigious and successful law firms in the country, but subsequently that there are a vast range of excellent opportunities for you, our candidates, to work with them too!
 At Sacco Mann we take great pride in the quality and calibre of our clients. We work closely with them, not only to fill vacancies, but also to identify the ‘value-adding’ talent that they need to help them grow their business. On the other side of this is our desire to place the right candidates in the right job. We do this by listening to your needs, developing strong relationships with both you and our clients, and putting our focus on placing the right candidate within the right role and company.
 This is one of the top benefits of working with  Sacco Mann during you job search, we have already done the leg work needed to build up a relationship with these firms, so when you apply through us you come with our recommendation, helping you stand out from other candidates.
If you would like to find out more about some of the excellent jobs that we currently have to offer please give Lucy Grainger a call on 0161 8316 890 and she will be happy to help you.