Useful Tips For Home Working

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With this being an uncertain time for many and most of us having to adapt to working from ho...

With this being an uncertain time for many and most of us having to adapt to working from home we thought it would be helpful to give a couple of tips on making this adaption a positive and effective one!

Keep your daily routine: This is very important to keep a sense of normality! Whilst you don’t have to wake up at 6:00am without a commute into the workplace. Set your alarm at a reasonable time to get ready and dressed, eat some breakfast, make a coffee and set up for the day. It’s easy enough to slip away from routine but ensuring to stick to your normal schedule like you would do in the office will ease the transition to working from home plus it will really help with your wellbeing. 

Setting up a workspace: Picking your workspace can be challenging at home especially if you don’t have a spare room or much space. Set up on your dining/coffee table or even another bedroom with your water bottle, coffee mug and notepads, making sure you feel comfortable. Put the radio on and make sure you have access to natural light to feel at ease. Don’t feel like you must sit in one space – switch it up! 

Stay hydrated: It’s a lot easier to stay hydrated when your colleagues offer drinks throughout the day, but we can forget to drink water whilst at home. Keep a large bottle or glass of water on your workspace and set reminders on your phone to go have a drink. We must stay healthy and we feel much more productive when hydrated. 

Take breaks and eat your lunch: Just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you must sit glued to your computer. Schedule regular breaks throughout the day, go for a walk and get fresh air on your lunch or sit in a different room to eat. A bonus if you have a pet at home…. spending time with animals is the best for your mental health, they’re entertaining and cute!

Stay in regular contact: It’s amazing how many ways we can now keep in contact with each other with so many platforms providing video and phone calls. Human contact is very vital for our wellbeing and we must keep in regular contact with our teams. Set up daily video calls to update each other and find out how we’re all doing. Don’t feel lonely! Call a friend or family member if you’re feeling frustrated or bored, they will be delighted to hear from you. 

Spend time on your personal development and goals: Now is the perfect time to set yourself goals for the future in your work and personal lives by keeping a diary or noting them on your phone. A lot of us are now evaluating many aspects of our lives during this current situation. Utilise this to ensure we keep focused and motivated in both at work and home. 

Avoid negative news channels and social media: It’s easy to regularly check our social media and the news for updates on everything that is happening. If you start to feel low then search for good news around the world, watch your favourite film/series or even a funny animal video! Avoid falling into a trap of negativity.


We hope these tips help with your transition. Stay positive, healthy and most importantly stay safe. From all of us at Sacco Mann