Why should you use a recruiter when searching for your next role?

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Offering a high quality service and helping our candidates get the jobs that are best suited to them is our speciality. 

I'm sure the vast majority of legal professionals who have used Sacco Mann in the past will never ask themselves the question ever again "why should I use a recruiter?". Our drive to deliver the best service possible is both personal and commercial. Much like legal professionals want to help their clients and deliver the best outcomes for them, commercially they also want their services to be recommended and have repeat clients. This makes them strive to deliver their clients an amazing service for a sustainable and long term business model. 
Sacco Mann are no different to this - consistently over 50% annually of our revenue comes from either recommendations from candidates we have worked with or candidates who are returning to us for their job search after a few years as they have remembered how much we helped them in the past. 
Candidate Testimonial -

Jonny was friendly, informative and efficient in helping me a secure a great new role. He kept me updated every step of the way and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and industry colleagues looking to make their next move.


First of all, I just wanted to clear something up. From some candidates out there, there is a bit of a misconception that you need to pay for the services of a recruiter, or that it comes off your salary. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our services to candidates are completely free, even when we find them a new position. It is in fact law firms who pay recruiters to find candidates and this by no means impacts a candidate’s pay cheque or comes at any cost to them (although we are pleasantly surprised when some candidates decide to buy us a gift to thank us for helping them out!). Now that is cleared up, let me explain why it is in your interests to use a specialist legal recruiter.

The Legal Market 

The legal market is constantly evolving, law firms are constantly evolving and the nature of work that firms do is also constantly evolving. It's our job as specialist legal recruiters to have an accurate view of where the market is up to, as well as individual firms and this comes from years of continuous relationship building. When looking at roles online, or being approached directly by a contact at a specific firm, you see the tip of the iceberg so to speak but there is so much more out there and that's where we come in. 
The legal industry is very niche, and the chances are if you are in the industry, you know someone who works at one or maybe more different firms. However, it is a legal recruiters job to understand your needs, what you are looking for and really dig deep on that to provide you with the best options. A legal recruiter can provide insight into a firm's culture, be able to explain the ins and outs of a benefits package, what the hiring manager / partner is like to work for and how to best prepare for an interview. 

Advice Is Always Available 

Even when not actively looking for a role, it can be really beneficial to speak with a recruiter as they can provide insight into salary benchmarking, flexible working policies, benefits that other firms get and just give you a general birds eye overview of the market to see how your situation compares. You don't just need to be actively looking for a role - we as legal recruiters are more than happy to share our market knowledge with lawyers seeking advice for themselves without any pressure from your side of things to do anything about it. Recruitment is very much a long game and about establishing a network and relationships, and sometimes these relationships aren't just from people who are looking for a new role. 

Why now is a good time to make a move

The market is incredibly buoyant at the moment and there are so many opportunities out there. When we speak with candidates, there seems to initially be a general lack of comprehension about just how many opportunities are out there and they are very pleasantly surprised when we are able to assist them on a number of positions. In the last 12 months, Sacco Mann as a business have registered more legal roles since the business' inception almost 25 years ago than in any other 12 month period. There is a massive appetite to recruit and we just don't have the candidates available to help fill all of those positions. 
We can speak to you about all of the positions available and also positions that aren't necessarily in the public eye. We are constantly working with firms and key decision makers at firms who have told us they are looking for someone in a specific area but the role isn't public. Your dream role could be available but you would never hear about it unless you speak to us.

Making it easier for you

Legal professionals are incredibly busy people so we can help take the pressure off you. We can manage everything from our initial conversation to start date. We can help you get as many interviews booked in as you like, prepare for those interviews so you can get the best out of them, share feedback in the most positive way and we can negotiate salary and the wider package on your behalf. You can be entirely honest with us and we can have more difficult conversations with prospective firms on your behalf if needs be. 
Having a relationship with a legal recruiter will significantly improve your search and get you closer to finding the perfect role for you. In addition to assisting you with your search, a lot of our placed candidates have moved forward into leading positions at firms and are now hiring through us themselves. Our clients trust us and we can have a degree of influence. On that note, thinking ahead to when you yourself are hiring for your team in the future, you have a known and trusted contact to assist with your recruitment processes. 
If you are a legal professional, Sacco Mann are in a fantastic position to help you as a niche and specialist legal recruiter, in what is an incredibly bullish job market. With plenty of long-standing legal recruiters who cover anywhere from the North East and West to Leeds, Manchester and the West and East Midlands (Our Patent & Trade Mark team cover all of the UK), we guarantee you that a call with us will vastly improve your job search and hopefully get you that step closer to your dream role. 

Speak to us

If you would like to reach out and arrange a chat, please get in touch with myself or a member of the Sacco Mann team and we will do our best to offer our expertise which will certainly improve your job search.