Consultant Details

Chloe Smith

Senior Consultant

Who am I and what can I do for you?

I’m a specialist legal recruiter working in the Chartered Legal Executive and Paralegal Division at the Leeds office of Sacco Mann.  I work on all non-Solicitor recruitment across Yorkshire and the North East, to include paralegals, non-qualified fee earners, Licensed Conveyancers, Costs Lawyers, Chartered Legal Executives and business legal services such as compliance, business development and practice management.   I have several years’ experience covering the Yorkshire and North East market, working across firms of all sizes from smaller high street practices to big internationals.  I recruit from paralegal level up to senior fee earner, team lead and head of department level across all specialisms. 

What team are you part of, and what is the best thing about your team?

I work in the Chartered Legal Executive and Paralegal Division in Leeds, and the best thing about our team is how well we all work together. We all get on so well, we work hard but have a great laugh and can count on each other through the good and the bad times.

5 words that describe me?

Open, Honest, Lively, Carefree, Funny (if I do say so myself)

A memorable event, day or memory at Sacco Mann? 

I think the most memorable event for me was when we went to Carlton Towers for our end of financial year celebrations.  We did life drawings, ate some great food, lots of wine, and a huge party it was a fabulous weekend.  The best memory was doing outdoor games in torrential rain, driving around the field on mini petrol cars and trying to navigate archery in gale force winds!

What else should you know about me?

In my spare time I love to wild camp! I love to take a rucksack, fill it with boil in the bag meals, coffee sachets, a roll mat and a sleeping bag and take myself into the mountains for the evening.  I also love to travel, sightsee and am a huge adrenaline junkie.  I love to spend time with friends and family, and am a huge lover of Sacco Mann nights out, particularly those that end in karaoke!

  • Likes: Holidays, blue skies, cocktails, coffee, cheesy chips.
  • Dislikes: Traffic jams, train cancellations, flight delays, dentists and paying for parking.
  • If you weren’t in this career, what else would you do and why? I honestly think I’d be a wedding or events planner. I’m always the designated party planner, responsible for organising parties, birthdays, holidays, nights out, weekends away, events and on a larger scale my wedding! I love to make plans, and more so when I see plans come together. I like to make sure everyone is having a good time, I’m a people pleaser so think I’d be great at this job.
  • What’s your favourite animal? It has to be dogs! I’ve always grown up with dogs, boxers, bull mastiffs and on the other end of the size chart a toy poodle! Dogs are the most loving animals and really do become part of the family. I used to spend my weekends volunteering at the RSPCA as a dog socialiser, which is essentially sitting with the dogs in their pens, playing with them, having cuddles and giving belly scratches, preparing them for life with a loving family – it was the most rewarding job.