Gordon Brown Law Launches Training Academy As Part Of Their Growth Strategy

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NORTH EAST conveyancing firm Grodon Brown Law who are part of Simplify, have launched t...

NORTH EAST conveyancing firm Grodon Brown Law who are part of Simplify, have launched the first internal training academy as part of their growth strategy.  
“Geoff said: Developing a training academy has been an aspiration of Louise, Kathryn and myself for many years having seen this in action whilst visiting the offices of My Home Move who are part of Simplify. As a result of an office move to our new premises on Team Valley, Gateshead, and the fact that the firm was taken over by Simplify in September 2020, we now have both space and a more predictable stream of work to allow us to set this up. Whilst we are currently recruiting experienced Conveyancers, the training academy alongside that recruitment allows us to expand in a structured way whilst giving excellent opportunities to staff members and new trainees who may otherwise not have had the chance to move into a conveyancing role as the focus of a number of firms is to recruit experienced staff”.
The training academy is the brainchild of Geoff Hall, Kathryn Taylor and Louise Ottaway who have over 60 years’ experience in conveyancing.  
Simplify own Move With Us and My Home Move, two of the most successful panel management companies in the UK and have many major National streams of work which need support. In order to support them, Gordon Brown Law aim to increase the number of conveyancing staff by 50% in the next 6-8 months, therefore training is a very important part of the expansion strategy.
Geoff said, “I don’t believe that there is another conveyancing firm in the North East who is investing both time and money into the training of Conveyancing staff in such a structured way as Gordon Brown Law, as part of Simplify we are part of the largest provider of Conveyancing and Panel Management Services in the UK. I admire the team’s dedication to excellent customer service and client care”.
“We have the experience and expertise within our management and technical team to ensure that any trainee with the firm will gain knowledge and experience which is second to none and will allow them to fulfil their true potential. As a result, our trainees have a unique opportunity to gain vast experience and professional qualifications which will allow them to have a successful and fruitful career with Gordon Brown Law.”
The training academy currently has 6 trainees who are progressing very well. The training programme will be ongoing and will introduce trainees at approximately 6 monthly intervals. Gordon Brown Law want to be in a position where they are developing their own staff which will provide great opportunities for the expansion of the firm and in turn will allow both trainees and existing staff extensive opportunities for personal development within the firm for career progression into team leader, management, or technical roles as we expand.
Geoff said “We are so proud that we have created a training academy within Gordon Brown Law and that the team members within that team are progressing and have a clear career path which will mean that we can meet their career goals for the future.
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