What’s going on with salaries in the legal sector?

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What’s going on with salaries in the legal sector? It’s a question we’re asked all the time with enquiries tending to peak at the start of January, around end of March and in September – corresponding with new calendar/financial years and the NQ influx. Usually, bandings are relatively safe and a general overview of advice in relation to the increases, straight forward.

We live in far less predictable times it seems, and the actions of a few of the key national players in the market offering significant increases to NQ’s has created quite a buzz! The net effect is a near universal self-assessment of personal worth/value, regardless of PQE and discipline if you are a candidate and it’s no doubt causing those who set those bandings, considerable headaches just at a time where they were attempting to solve the agile working puzzle…
Candidate review:
''In my quest to change practice area to commercial law, Steve provided expert guidance and support. This ultimately led to me securing an offer for an in-house commercial role. 2 years on and it was the best move I could have made! Throughout the process Steve was extremely professional, transparent and reliable. He was quick to respond and actively updated me throughout the recruitment process. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to businesses and potential candidates alike.''
As yet, the market has yet to settle and debate is becoming increasingly heated, not least on account of an almost constant state of flux and rumour, often fuelled by inaccurate information and data received on hearsay.
Salaries are an emotive subject, and everyone understandably has their own opinion - be they a candidate or hiring manager. Some naturally favour these changes, others certainly do not but they are undeniably causing turbulence in the market.
Such dramatic uplifts in salary are unprecedented especially in the regions, creating seismic shifts in expectations – sometimes wildly off the pace. We have a high number of experienced Consultants having up to the minute conversations in relation to working arrangements and salaries across all levels of PQE and skills. If you would value a conversation and any insight into this ever-changing market, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a confidential conversation.
Like many other recruiters, Sacco Mann has a heavily researched salary survey to help provide context across the market. Such are the conditions of the current market, data collected can become obsolete almost as soon as it is collected. Talk to us - be it confidentially or even anonymously if you feel you could do with accurate and up to date information, as opposed to relying on whispers and rumour…It is harder for us now than ever to advise but we can offer a greater, more accurate insight into the general direction of the market, so use us!
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