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We simply focused on quality, integrity, hard work and being human every day for over two decades. Success for our Clients, our Candidates and for us! In fact over 23 years of success.
Recruitment decisions for both Clients and Candidates are incredibly important. In the legal and IP markets they literally change the fortunes of both businesses and individuals. Our Clients are pretty much all repeat users, our Candidates regularly go on to become Clients, our contacts and connections are honed over many years.  We are trusted, have influence and can effect the right introductions.

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We’re not in the business of finding jobs. We focus on building careers. We don’t just find the next step, we find your next step.

Why choose Sacco Mann?

For us, the recruitment process is relatively simple; we do it every day. For you, it is a very different story and we never underestimate that.


Dedicated to helping you

There’s nothing that should stand in the way of your career or your ambitions. We guide you not only through our tailor-made and well tested recruitment process, but also beyond it.


Sacco Mann Salary Survey

Here it is, our 2022 / 2023 Legal and IP Salary Survey. We have outlined the latest trends and an overview of what we should expect during the rest of the year.

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A trusted enterprise. Over 20 years being our Clients’ strategic partner

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