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Amy Haycocks

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Amy Haycocks - Executive Consultant

I’d just returned home from travelling when I met John to interview for the position of Resourcer in the Private Practice team in Manchester. I was (and still am) incredibly interested in people and was always told my skills would suit recruitment well – I didn’t really know what being in recruitment actually entailed at the time, but I was young and enthusiastic so thought I’d go for it. That was January 2015 and I’m still as annoyingly enthusiastic now as I was then.

Starting as a Resourcer in recruitment is similar to starting as a paralegal in law. You’re able to learn the basics, gradually building your skills and exposure over time. It allowed me to hone my skills with candidates before taking the step into fee earning.

Having been fee earning since 2016, I have worked my way up over the years and I’m now an Executive Consultant in the Private Practice team. In my fee earning, I predominantly focus on the North West alongside a more concentrated client base in the Black Country and Birmingham. Alongside this, I’m lucky enough to support some of the juniors that are progressing through the business.

I’m extremely fortunate that I love what I do (most of the time, it is recruitment after all). For me, it all comes down to relationship building, both internally and externally. It’s equally satisfying to work with an NQ as they progress their career as it is working with a partner that in turn becomes a client – I love being able to make a difference in such an important aspect of someone’s life (I did warn you about my enthusiasm!)

Sacco Mann has given me a wonderful career thus far with plenty more to achieve, some of my best friends and a husband to be... not a bad first 5 years all in all!

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Looking back over the years since I started at Sacco Mann in 2002, my role has changed beyond recognition! In many ways and directions I could never have predicted, let alone planned! The challenges have kept it constantly interesting, whilst the support and the camaraderie within the team have kept it fun and immensely rewarding, both personally and professionally. The combination keeps me intrigued and excited about where I can take my Sacco Mann career next!

Catherine French - Director - Patent & Trade Mark Division

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